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Welcome to our brand new course: The Freedom Lab

Are you ready to live a life with more freedom to choose what you do with your time? Are you tired of waking up and going to a job that doesn't make you happy?

If you are looking for a way out, a way to change your life and move into the online world where anything is possible, then THE FREEDOM LAB is for you!!

free yourself from the 9-5!!

We have outlined 20 different ways to earn an income online, and we share with you exactly what the opportunities are and how you can create these income streams for yourself. 

There is a lot of information online, sometimes too much. 

We have condensed everything you need to know about making money online into this course and provide you with OVER 80 + EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS AND MORE THAN 100 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES 

start making money and experience the ultimate freedom

we have outlined over
20 different ways of making money online

Invoice templates, CV templates, pitch templates, media kit templates, cash flow and accounting templates and more;

Guides on taxes, webinars, pinterest, facebook ads, canva, payment gateways, online business tools and so much more;

A business start up kit; 

Build your online store starter kit;

Checklists for freelancers, digital nomads and online entrepreneurs;

Live classes with industry experts.



for you if...




You want to wake up when you want and work when you want!


You are tired of working a 9-5 job with no flexibility and no passion


You feel like your current job or career is not enough for you anymore 


You want to create more freedom for yourself by adding some extra income streams to your existing income.


You are interested in making money online but have no idea where to start 


you Dream of living and working anywhere in the world.


you Want to start your own business and work with a team online


you Want to learn how to create products and sell them online


you Want to network with like minded people and open up new opportunities






steps to


choose the income streams
that fit your skills or passion



build, optimize and scale

take action to build income streams


quit  your 9 to 5 and LIVE OUT  YOUR DREAMS

take the course


at our modules

take a peek




- Welcome to the Course

- Meet your Instructors / Our Story

- How to get the most out of the course


setting the foundation

- Ultimate vision of yourself

- How to set Smart Goals

- The Right Mindset

- Defining your online skills to find the perfect sector for you

- IKIGAI (finding your niche)

- Setting your work and life balance


Over 20 ways to make money online

- Become a Virtual Assistant

- Become an online Project Manager

- Become a Copywriter

- Become an online Translator

- Become an online Coach

- Become a Social Media Manager

- Become an Instagrammer

- Become a Facebook Manager

- Become a Tiktoker

- Become a Pinterest Manager

- Become a YouTuber

- Become a Content Creator

- Build an online store for physical products

- Build an online store for digital products

- Become a Dropshipper

- Become an Affiliate Marketer

- Become a Graphic Designer

- Become a Photographer

- Become a Web Developer

- Become an Ads Manager

- Find seasonal work around the world to save       money

& more


applying for a remote job position

- Finding jobs

- Company research

- Figuring out your ideal client

- Creating a resume, portfolio and media kit

- Pitching and presenting yourself

- Most common interview questions

- Job offer negotiation and proving your worth

- Pricing your services


Build and launch your business

- Structure, research and refine your business

- Name

- Brand

- Logo

- Marketing Plan

- Website Foundation

- Website plugins

- Budgeting and funding


tools & tech

- Best tools for remote workers

- Communication tools

- Video conference tools

- Whiteboard tools

- Document sharing tools

- Team board tools

- Project management tools

- Calendar and scheduling tools

- Time tracking tools

- Note taking tools

- Survey tools


optimize your sales

- Overcome your fear of selling

- Human psychology in sales

- Email List (basics)

- Email List (optimization)

- How to run a webinar

- Nail your sales page

- Intro into advertising

- Tracking your audience

- Setting up funnels


dealing with clients

- Best practices for dealing with clients


finances and taxes

- Getting paid online

- Manage your finances

- Paying taxes as a remote worker


bonus modules

- Live sessions with @mariefeandjakesnow and @explorerssaurus_

- Interviews with experts

- Over 100 bonus materials including guides, worksheets, templates, checklists, and more



about us!

Our teaching approach comes from real life experience and real life lessons. 

In 2016 we all decided that working in a traditional job, saving up for a mortgage and then spending our life working our way up the corporate ladder was not for us. We wanted to travel and experience as much of this world as we possibly could in our lifetimes. 

We knew that a normal job was not going to allow us the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle we wanted to live so we decided to find another way.

Now we want to teach you how to do the same, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!


In 2016 we all decided that working in a traditional job, saving up for a mortgage and then spending our life working our way up the corporate ladder was not for us. We wanted to travel and experience as much of this world as we possibly could in our lifetimes. 

We knew that a normal job was not going to allow us the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle we wanted to live so we decided to find another way.

We dove head first into the online world and began to learn everything we possibly could about earning an income online - 
We started by building up our social media channels,
we worked with some small clients by creating content for them and managing their social media pages, 
we wrote blog posts and collected affiliate income, 
then we opened our own online stores and sold products, both physical and digital,
we built our own app 
and finally we opened an online academy to teach everything we had learnt along the way.

We started with a dream of making $800 a month so we could have more freedom and we ended up building 7 different income streams and a 7 figure business.


all this

for only

one-time payment




pay now to get your 50% discount!

payment plan

pay per month and get access to our entire course

4  X     €99 

ready  to change your life?

the freedom




Is this course for me if I am still studying or if I don’t want to give up my 9-5?


Definitely! We will teach you different ways to make money online - as a freelancer and also as an entrepreneur.
You can then decide if you would rather start with a side hustle and earn some extra money on the side, or if you want to go all in and start your own business. Either way, we will be there with you and guide you through this process.

Who is this course for?


- Do you want to make some extra money on the side? 

- Do you dream of having location independence and being able to work from anywhere in the world? 

- Do you want to earn money online and have several income streams?

- Does your 9-5 job not fulfill you anymore?

- Are you ready to become your own boss?

- Have you always wanted to launch your own brand or business?

If you have answered any of these questions with “yes” then this course is for you. We will show you how you can create a future with financial and location independence by introducing you to over 20 different ways of making money online. If you have a skill, passion, and motivation to diversify your income then you are in the right place!

I already have my business set up. Is this course still valuable to me?


While we do focus a lot on the basics of setting up a company, finding clients, landing your dream job and diversifying your income streams, we would say that you will still be able to learn a lot of new things, even if you are not new to this. Maybe there are things that you want to improve, such as your sales, or you are not sure how you can find new clients. Or maybe you want to start another little job on the side to have an extra (passive) income so that you can expand your options. 

What will I get from this course?


In total, you will receive over 80 video tutorials and 50+ hours of lessons, over 100 downloadable files with step-by-step guides, templates, checklists and exercises. But that’s not all! We also organized expert interviews for different job types so that you can learn from the best in the field. Additionally, you will get access to our amazing community Facebook group where we will answer all your questions personally. There will also be live sessions with us where we will host Q&As, teach you more things and give you extra value. Of course, you will have life-long access to all of this!

How long do I have access to the course? What’s the schedule?


This course is a lifetime course! That means you’ll always have access to this content, any tweaks we make and new content we add. So if you join now, it’s yours forever. You can also get it now but start it later on when the time is right for you. We know that life can be busy, and we want you to be able to determine when it’s the best time for you to start and dive in.

Will the course be available in languages other than English?


The course itself is in English, but you will be able to put subtitles in English, German and Portuguese. The step-by-step guides will also be available in all three languages.

Der Kurs selbst ist in englischer Sprache, jedoch ist es möglich, englische, deutsche oder portugiesische Untertitel einzuschalten. Das Bonusmaterial ist ebenfalls in Englisch, Portugiesisch und Deutsch verfügbar.

O curso está gravado em inglês mas tem legendas em inglês, alemão e português. Os guias passo a passo também vão estar disponíveis nestas três línguas.

Do you offer refunds?


Although we are confident that you will love our courses, of course you can request a refund within 30 days of enrollment if you don't feel satisfied with our course. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and that it did not work for you. If you are having any trouble, we will always be there for support